At AFRIPORT, we only focus on Ugandan coffee, working tirelessly to build exclusive partnerships and forge lasting relationships.

We are immersed within the coffee growing communities. We are traversing remote hills and mountains across the country, climbing the rich, fertile soils to 2,000 meters, and sitting down with farmers to listen to their production, harvest and processing practices. Through this journey to find the perfect origin, we are investing in and fostering sustainable practices, and collecting samples along the way.

We specialize in Robusta and Arabica green bean coffee exports in Uganda, and are supporting farmers’ livelihoods in the West Nile, Elgon, Rwenzori and Central regions. Through a range of activities, we seek to ensure that farmers retain greater control and ownership of the processing of the harvested coffee cherries to improve their economic well-being. We purchase well above Fair Trade prices, so Ugandan farmers and their communities are able to improve their livelihoods and economic well-being.

If you are interested in receiving samples, buying coffee, or supporting coffee farmers through a project to improve productivity or setup micro-washing stations, please Contact Us.